1. Please be respectful to everyone during the event! It goes without saying that disrespect and harassment will not be tolerated at STREAMHacks. While all situations will be treated on a case by case basis, anyone caught in violation of this rule runs the risk of disqualification.

2. Engage with the schedule! We understand if you can’t make it to every activity that’s happening on the schedule, but please try to actively take part in what’s going on during the event. STREAMHacks isn’t just about the competition, but also the experiences you develop from these mini events that we’ve organized.

3. Mentors, Executives and all other organizers of the event will be offline from 1am-9am. If you try to contact us during this time, you won’t be met with a response.

4. Please ensure that your project is relevant to the theme of this competition! Any loss of relevance may be penalized. 

5.  Not really a rule, but document your experience at STREAMHacks! Post on your instagram story, tag @stream_syndicate! Tell the world about your time at this event!